Santa Rita Open: Newport is the champion

By Sharon Robb
Photos by Candace Ferreira

Newport (Gene Goldstein, 0, Pablo Spinacci, 6,  Fred Mannix, 7, Tommy Collingwood, 5) clinched the win with an 11-8 victory over SebiLion (Sebastian Mandelbaum, -1, Sugar Erskine, 6, Leo Mandelbaum, 3, Alejandro Novillo Astrada, 7).

Newport won the Santa Rita Abierto last weekend.

In other three-chukker round robin matchups, Newport defeated Santa Rita (Rebecca Cohen, -1, Jason Crowder, 5, Nic Roldan, 8, Juan Bollini, 3), 13-8, and SebiLion topped Santa Rita, 9-6. The scores carried over from opening day action on Friday.

Gene Goldstein, who scored five goals during the two-day tournament, was named Most Valuable Player.