Justice was served: Cuartetera’s genetics are 100% from La Dolfina

In the last hours, the North American justice system ruled in favor of La Dolfina and Adolfo Cambiaso in the trial against the Crestview Genetics laboratory. The company will have to return all clones, tissues and genetic material.

The Cambiaso family and La Dolfina are grateful for the verdict of the jury in Ft. Pierce, Florida, a favor. They hope to soon recover the clones and tissue, including clones secretly sold by the defendants without their authorization.

In 2009, La Dolfina S.A, had signed an agreement with Alan Meeker – the defendant – and his company Crestview Farm to clone some of Adolfito’s horses.

At the end of 2020, Cambiaso initiated a lawsuit against the Texan oil businessman, whom he accused of unauthorized sales of clones.

In the lawsuit filed in the courts of the Southern District of Florida, Cambiaso accused Meeker of having exceeded the terms of the agreement, which granted limited licensing rights to the company and not ownership of the horses’ original genetic material.

According to it, Meeker told La Dolfina that he had sold three cloned horses to a third party in November 2020, arguing that the 2009 contract gave his company the right to do so and that a subsequent agreement – sealed in 2019- was different, as he had been signed by a different company, Crestview Genetics.

In the lawsuit, the captain of La Dolfina requested that all the genetic material of his horses in the hands of the American company be seized to prevent new cloning. Cambiaso decided to start cloning horses after having to sacrifice Aiken Cura, one of his favorites.

It was in 2006 when he saved cells from that horse that began the cloning story that led him to sign an agreement with Meeker.

4 years later, the North American justice system ruled in favor of the CaƱuelas organization and its owner: the Cuartetera genetics are property of La Dolfina S.A and Adolfo Cambiaso.