Indian Open Championship

Last weekend, at the Jaipur Polo Grounds, in New Delhi, India, Sahara Warriors claimed the Indian Open Polo Championship after defeating Jindal Panther 10-5. The winners set a new milestone, having won the championship four years in a row. The tournament saw four teams, up to 20 goals, compete.

The winning team boasts the distinct privilege of being the only team to ever win the Indian Open Championships four years in a row (2018 – 2021). The team is owned by Ms Parul Rai and Mr Vikram Rathore, and is sponsored by Sahara India. The team has its own polo facility in Jaipur. 

Ms Parul Rai is passionate about the heritage sport of polo. She encourages many young Indian players and contributes to the development of the sport in India. 

Mr Vikram Rathore is currently an Ambassador to the Federation of International Polo from India, and has been for the last twelve years. He is interested in hospitality and heritage, and runs India’s only luxury heritage polo resort: Mundota Fort & Palace in Jaipur.