Hurlingham Open: Weekend Highlights

Last weekend’s Hurlingham Open action at the Argentine Association of Polo, in Pilar, was notable for several reasons. Below are a few worth highlighting: 

  • La Dolfina Brava claimed a historical victory following a 10-9 win over Ellerstina, with a goal scored by Guillermo Terrera in the last second of play.  
  • Bautista Bayugar debuted in the Triple Crown. The circumstances were not ideal, however, because he had to step in to replace Nico Pieres, who suffered a bad fall. However, it was a crucial moment in this young man’s career, winner of the 2018 Cámara de Diputados Cup, and a member of Alegria Fish Creek, a team currently playing the Qualification Tournament for Palermo.
  • Facundo Sola made his 2021 Triple Crown debut on Sunday after recovering from an injury he received in the Jockey Club Open. He gave a very good performance, scoring four goals, and leading RS Murus Sanctus to a 14-9 victory over La Irenita. 
  • Facundo Pieres is currently the top scorer of the Hurlingham Open, with 19 goals. Guillermo Caset, Polito Pieres and Adolfo Cambiaso, the last weeken’s top scorers (they each scored 7 goals), follow him. 
  • While the semifinals are balanced, the situation is very different in each league. On Saturday, Ellerstina and RS Murus Sanctus will play for the first place in the final. Ellerstina needs to win by two goals to qualify for the final, while RS Murus Sanctus needs to either take the win or only lose by only one to make it to the final. Next, League B’s La Natividad and La Dolfina Saudi will go head to head for a place in the final.

UPDATE: Nico Pieres is in good condition after his hard fall on Saturday. He is focused on the semifinal against RS Murus Sanctus.